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2013 Municipal Election – Candidate Survey Responses

In preparation for the 2013 Calgary Municipal Election, ArtsVote Calgary has sent surveys to candidates for mayor, councillor, public school trustee and separate school trustee.

Candidates were given a deadline of October 1st to respond.

2013 Municipal Election: What are candidates saying about the arts?

It can be difficult to figure out where your candidates stand on arts issues. With that in mind, we’ve put together a resource to let you hear their perspective on the arts, directly from their lips!

ArtsVote Calgary Blog Updates

Guest blogger Karen Ball, the former Executive Director of Calgary 2012, has written three posts for the 2013 General Election: “Why it’s important to talk about arts during a municipal election“, “Are we making the most of our city by investing in our arts sector?” and “The New City Council and The Arts Vote“. Read them here!

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